​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Timber Sale Bids and Results​

We have modernized our processes for tracking and administering timber sale contracts.  We have had a larger number of bidders than in past years and every single one of our sales have sold.  We have listened to our Loggers and reduced sale restrictions to make it easier to harvest during the summer, where appropriate.  Thanks to our Loggers - we have already received over $900,000 in timber receipts this fiscal year (which is a new record for BCPL).  Did you know? – 100% of this timber revenue goes to fund education in Wisconsin!​ 

BCPL Annual Timber Sale Bidd​ing Cycle:
​Bid Opening Date and Time
Spring Bids advertised first week of May
​First Friday in June @ 10:01 a.m.
Fall Bids advertised first week of November
​First Friday in December​ @ 10:01 a.m.

​Site maps​, prospectus and bid forms are available for download below by clicking on the blue timber sale number.​  For questions, comments or more information on ​BCPL timber sales contact BCPL's Forest Supervisor​​ in the Lake Tomahawk office.  7271 Main Street, ​PO Box 277   |   Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539-0277    |   ​Phone: (715) 277-3366 ​​


The Spring 2022 Timber sale (Now Available!)

  • Forest County - Gravel Pit Hardwoods - T37N R14E Sec 18 - 56​ Acres - TS-​202212
  • Oneida County - Manhardt Road Pine North - T38N R04E Sec 13​ - 119 Acres - TS-​202209 ​
  • Oneida County - EZ-​Drive - T36N R09E Sec 32 - 72 Acres - TS-​202213
  • Oneida County - Sugar Camp Hardwoods - T38N R10E Sec 9 - 50 Acres - TS-20​2211
  • Price County - Thunder Creek Aspen - T37N R03E  Sec 25 - 32​ Acres - TS-202​208

  •  Marinette County - Marinette Co Red Pine Rotation - T34N R18E  Sec 27 - 127 Acres -​ TS-202210 (BEING RE-BID)
    “Due to numerous questions, valid concerns, and complaints regarding the site-prep and replanting requirement for this sale - it has been removed from this bidding cycle.  If we receive any bids for this sale they will be returned un-opened.”​
    “This sale will be posted for a re-bid on Monday, June 6th with a new bid opening date of Friday, July 1st.  The revised sale will remove the site-prep and replanting requirement, and will be set-up as a marked thinning on all 127 acres."​​​

Finalized Timber Sale Bidding Results:​