​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Timber Sale Bids and Results​

We are continually improving our internal processes for setting up and administering timber sale contracts.  Because of input from the contract logging community, we have reduced sale restrictions, increased volume per acre, and have tried to better match our sale offerings with logging capabilities and market conditions.  Thanks to recent logging activities we have increased our timber sale receipts dramatically over the past two years.

Did you know – 100% of all timber sale revenue goes to fund education in Wisconsin!​ 

Annual timber sale bidding:
​Bid opening date and time
Spring bids – advertised on second Monday in ​May
​First Friday in Ju​​ne @ 10:01 am
Winter bids – advertised on first Monday in December
​Second Friday in January @ 10:01 am​

​Site maps​, prospectus and bid forms are available for download below by clicking on the blue timber sale name.​  For questions, comments or more information on ​BCPL timber sales contact the listed Sale Administrator.  

Kevin Burns, Forest Supervisor  |  Mobile: (715) 360-7438  |  kevin.burns@wisconsin.gov  
Joe Malinowski, Senior Forester  |  Mobile: (715) 208-0776  |  Joe.Malinowski@wisconsin.gov​
Lake Tomahawk Office  |  ​​7271 Main Street, ​PO Box 277  |  Lake Tomahawk, WI 54539-0277  |  Office ​Phone: (715) 277-3366 ​​

​​​​Download Timber Sale Bid Packets​:​ ​

​​Sale Name​
County Name​
​Sale Type

​Timber Sale Administrator
Doub​le Bend Hardwoods
Hardwood Pulp Thinning
​Kevin Burns
Flowage Pine II
​Third Thinning Pine​
​Joe Malinowski
Stony Creek Hardwoods
​Oneida / Price
Hardwood Pulp Thinning
​​Joe Malinowski
Hilltop Hardwoods
​Hardwood Log​ Thinning
​​Kevin Burns
​​Spring Breakup Utility Poles​​
​​Red Pine Utility Pole Thinning
​​Kevin Burns
Finalized Timber Sale Bidding Results:​ ​