​Application Process

We are committed to keeping our lending process both simple and efficient.   For municipalities, loans usually require from 30 to 45 days from application to funding.  While the legal requirements for borrowing will vary somewhat depending on the type of municipality, the general process includes:

  • Application Request – To begin the loan process, the borrower submits a completed BCPL Worksheet/Loan Application Request by email, fax, or regular mail.  The worksheet is available at the link provided below and provides BCPL staff with the information necessary to provide a custom loan application.  You will receive your application by mail within a few days after submitting your worksheet. 
Because we set funds aside for your loan at the time of application, please do not send in an application request until you are certain that the project is moving forward, have examined your funding alternatives, and have made the decision to borrow from BCPL.

  • Application Completion - The BCPL loan application includes the specific borrowing resolution to be approved by your board/council.  Following the meeting that approves that resolution, the clerk submits the completed loan application to BCPL for review and approval, along with a copy of the minutes from that meeting.  

  • Application Review and Approval - BCPL staff reviews submitted documentation.  Upon approval, the application is sent to the Office of the Attorney General for legal review and if approved, it is placed on the agenda for final approval at the next meeting of the BCPL Board.  Applications must be received a minimum of eight days in advance of the our board meeting to allow sufficient time for internal reviews. The BCPL Board meets the first and third Tuesdays of each month.
  • Loan Funding - Funding can normally occur within 7-10 days following BCPL Board approval.  Borrowers may take four months following final approval to draw loan funds.

School district borrowing is complicated by statutory requirements for different approval methods depending on the type of the district, term of the loan, and process of elector approval.   BCPL has developed a guideline to all seven methods available to school districts when borrowing from BCPL, which is available at the "School District Borrowing Procedures" link below.

Still have questions?  Contact Richard Sneider office (608) 261-8001, cell (608) 572-1611 or email richard.sneider@wi.gov​.