​​​​​​Loan Application Request Forms

Get Started - To get the loan process started, please request a custom application by printing and completing the loan application request from available at the appropriate link below.  Just mail/fax/email the completed worksheet to BCPL, and you will receive your application by mail within a few days.  This application will contain the specific resolution that BCPL requires to be passed by your board/council.

Revenue Loans - The application process for revenue loans is more complicated and takes more time than with general obligation loans.  Revenue loan application request forms require additional information and documentation designed to allow BCPL staff to analyze the risks specific to each individual transaction.  Following that analysis, BCPL will determine the appropriate interest rate and contact the borrower.  If the borrower agrees to move forward at that interest rate, BCPL will mail the borrower the revenue loan application.

Rate Lock - At the time of application, we lock your interest rate for 60 days and set money aside so that availability of funds for your loan is certain.  If we do not receive the properly completed application back within 60 days, and our interest rates have increased during that period, your application will be cancelled.  In that happens, you will need to start the borrowing process over from the beginning with a new worksheet/application request.

Because we set your funds aside at the time of application, please do not send in an application request until you are certain that the project is moving forward, have examined your funding alternatives, and have made the decision to borrow from BCPL.

Still have questions?  Contact  Richard Sneider at (608) 261-8001 or richard.sneider@wi.gov​.​​​​

Loan application request forms: