Eligibility and Repayment

Who can borrow?

Wisconsin school districts and municipalities, as defined by Section 67.01(5) of the Wisconsin Statutes, are eligible to borrow, along with a few other statutorily defined entities. Eligible borrowers include counties, cities, villages, towns, technical college districts, metropolitan sewerage districts, town sanitary districts, public inland lake protection and rehabilitation districts, and drainage districts. Federated library systems also are eligible.

For what projects?

You could use a BCPL State Trust Fund loan for any public purpose project. Our loans typically are used for three types of public purposes:

  • School repairs and improvements including building renovations and the installation of energy-efficient heating and lighting systems
  • Local infrastructure projects including roads, town halls, airports, sewer systems and wastewater facilities, trucks, and emergency vehicles
  • Local economic development through Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) districts and downtown revitalization projects

Payment schedules

Annual payments are due March 15 each year.  Loans funded between September 1 and March 14 do not have a payment scheduled for that upcoming March 15.  BCPL can provide custom amortization schedules for projects that may take time to generate expected revenues or that need coordination with other debt payment schedules.  For details or questions, contact  Richard Sneider at (608) 261-8001 or richard.sneider@wi.gov. 

Prepayment option

Prepayment(s) on any loan(s) are only allowed after January 1 and before September 1 of each year.  No prepayment penalties or fees are charged.  A 30-day written notice is required.  For details or questions, contact Denise Nechvatal at (608) 266-3788​ or denise.nechvatal@wi.gov​.