BCPL Frequently Asked Questions 

How do links work>

  • Links are shown in blue, bold text.
  • Links will open pdf, Word and Excel documents in a separate tab.
  • Some links will give you an option to download.
  • Links that go to external site will always open in a new tab.
  • Board meeting recordings will open in your default media player (most media players will allow you to jump to any point in the recording).

How to return to the Home Page>

  • Click on the BCPL logo or any of the images on top bar
  • Scroll to the bottom of any web page and click on the Home link
How does site navigation work>
  • The browser forward and back buttons will work correctly on this website.
  • The left hand navigation bar will always be visible on all pages.
  • The back button will not be available for documents opened in a new tab.
How does "Search this site"​ box work>
  • Fill in your search term or terms and hit the enter key to search the entire website.
  • Searching will find all web pages and documents containing the search term(s).
  • The search term or terms are not case sensitive.
  • Hovering over the found items will display a thumbnail of the actual page or document​.

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