​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Timber Harvest Locations

For questions, comments or more information on ongoing and upcoming timber harvest operations contact BCPL's Forest Supervisor in the Lake Tomahawk office. 
​The counties with Planned and ongoing timber harvests are listed below.

Ongoing timber harvests (a timber contract has been signed) are identified by BCPL project name - township - town/range/section - contract number.  Click on the blue contract number to get information and a map about each timber harvest operation.

Planned timber harvests (areas expected to be put out to bid in the next couple of years) are identified by Planned Harvest​ - BCPL project name - town/range/section - contract number.  Click on​ the blue contract number to get a map of the expected timber sale.
Click here for a spreadsheet for all planned timber harvest areas.​   

Notes:   BCPL has many timber harvest operations active during the year, contractors have 3 years after winning a timber sale bid to start harvesting the trees. GIS datasets are available by emailing the Forest Sup​ervisor​.  Use the interactive Timber Harvest map below to view:  timber harvest locations (current and historical), timber stand​ information, interior roads, gates and invasive plants.