​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​State Trust Fund Loan Calculator 


You will need 4 pieces of information to use the loan payment estimator.    First enter the interest rate based on your desired loan term (see the current Interest rate page for the interest rate which is based on your loan term)  - enter 4 for a loan rate of 4%..   Second enter the number of years you wish to take the loan out for.  Third enter the amount of money you wish to borrow.  Fourth enter the date when you would like the loan disbursed (will default to 2 months after todays date)​.  Note:  loans taken out between August 31 and March 14 will not have a loan payment due ​the following year.​  

The calculator is pre-fil​led in for a $1,000,000 loan for 20 year loan at 4% to be disbursed two months from today with the first payment due on March 15.​Change one or more values to match your desired loan.

NOTE:  This calculator provides estimated payments​ - your actual payment may vary slightly depending on the actual day the loan is disbursed.

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Click here for current interest rates and terms.


BCPL Loan Calculator
Loan Payment Estimator



Enter the Interest Rate for the loan. Example (enter 4 for 4% interest).
Valid Range: 2.5 to 10

Enter the Total Number of Years of the Loan,
Valid range: 2 to 20.

Enter the full amount of the loan (in dollars and cents - do not include a dollar sign or commas).
Valid range: 5000.00 to 25000000.00).

Enter the desired date of the Loan disburement in DD/MM/YYYY format.
Click on the Calendar Icon to use the date picker

First Payment Due Date

NOTE: Once you click on the Process button you will taken to a 3rd party website in a new window - just close the new window when you want to try other loan scenarios.
Click on the green Calc button to calculate your monthly payment in the new window.
Click the green Print Preview button in the new window to get a payment (amortization) schedule which can be printed by clicking on Black Print button in the popup window.