​​​​​​​​​​​​Upcoming Land Transactions

​US Fore​st Service and BCPL Property Exchange (E1502)

The Board of Commissioners of Public Lands (“BCPL”) and the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest are working on a large​ land transaction proposal to exchange lands of equal value.  The proposed exchange would consolidate ownership and create efficiencies for both agencies, while maintaining and in some locations improving access to public lands.  The exchange reduces boundary line maintenance for both entities by more than 65 miles.  It also reduces the amount of acreage that is landlocked for both parties by nearly 4,500 acres.
Through the proposed exchange, the National Forest would receive more lands that include lakes and streams and parcels in eligible Wild and Scenic River corridors.  The National Forest would also receive more lands with unique ecological, scientific, heritage, or recreation qualities and habitat for federally listed species and Forest Service Regional Forester Sensitive species.
BCPL would receive more lands that are suitable for sustainable timber management that are expected to produce revenue for the trust funds managed by BCPL.
Appraisal of lands proposed for the exchange is currently in progress.  Final appraisal values are expected in September.  Once the land values are established, the final land configuration will be determined.
Maps showing the location of parcels proposed for the exchange are by county.  Click on the county to see a map of the proposed parcels.  Outgoing BCPL parcels to USFS are shown in Red and incoming USFS parcels to BCPL are shown in Green, existing BCPL parcels are shown in Yellow​.

For questions, comments or more information on upcoming BCPL property exchange contact BCPL's Forest Supervisor in the Lake Tomahawk office.  

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