BCPL Loan​ ​Map

BCPL has disbursed over $3.3 billion dollars to government entities since 1977 (over 9,100 loans).  All proceeds from the state trust fund loan program are distributed annually to public​​​ school libraries​ across the state. This map will allow you to click on any point or area in the state to discover all of the loans that benefitted the selected area.   ​​Loans made to the following government entities are available on the map:  School Districts, Cities, Villages, Towns, Counties, Technical Colleges, Lake Districts, Sanitary Districts, CESA Districts, Federated Library Systems, Metropolitan Sewerage Districts and Drainage Districts.

NOTE​:  there are approximately 100 loans that were made to government entities that no longer exist (they will not be available on the map). the map utilizes the publically available ​boundaries for each government entity. These are updated annually​ as new boundaries become available.

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