Board of Commissioners of Public Lands

Douglas County Properties for Sale

Here are the properties currently for sale in Douglas County:

Click on the parcel # for a map showing the overall parcel location and a close up.

Parcel #1 S1702

Parcel ID: BE-004-00373-00


 The NW of the SW of Section 22, Township 46 North, Range 11 West, Town of Bennett, Douglas County, Wisconsin.  This 40-acre parcel is at the end of Gander Lake Road and is mostly upland with a mix of timber cover, being primarily oak. A driveway easement on the northern portion of the parcel provides access to the landowner to the east. DNR land abuts the parcel on the west.

The minimum bid on this parcel is $59,000


Parcel #2 S1703

Parcel ID: HI-016-00506-00


The SE of the SW of Section 27, Township 45 North, Range 10 West, Town of Highland, Douglas County Wisconsin. Although this 40-acre parcel is landlocked, MFL-Open land currently provides pedestrian access from Rocky Lake Road, which is about one-eighth of a mile from the parcel. The parcel has approximately 13 acres of upland. 

The minimum bid on this parcel is $14,000.