Board of Commissioners of Public Lands

Vilas County Properties for sale

Here are the properties currently for sale in Vilas County:

Click on the parcel # for a map showing the overall parcel location and a close up.

Parcel #1:  S1406 - Parcel ID: 26-2029 (Sold)
The SW of the SE of Section 7, Township 40 North, Range 11 East, Town of Washington, Vilas County, Wisconsin.  This 40-acre landlocked parcel is all lowland wooded with spruce, tamarack, cedar and white pine.  This parcel has over 500 feet of frontage on the Deerskin River.
The minimum bid on this parcel is $26,000

Parcel #2:  S1407 -Parcel ID: 28-373
Government Lot 19 of Section 8, Township 43 North, Range 5 East, Town of Winchester, Wisconsin.  This 20-acre parcel is wooded with aspen, fir, tamarack and swamp hardwoods.  South Turtle Lake Road runs through this parcel.  There may be several building sites on this parcel. 
The minimum bid on this parcel is $43,000

Parcel #3:  S1112 - Parcel ID: 022-1073 & 022-1125
The SW of the SW of Section 28, and the NW of the NW of Section 33, all located in Township 44 North, Range 6 East, Town of Presque Isle, Vilas County, Wisconsin.  This 80 acre landlocked parcel is mostly lowland and wooded with aspen, tamarack, and spruce.  The north 40 has five acres of aspen and 35 acres nicely stocked tamarack.  The south 40 has 7 acres of upland with mature aspen, 10 acres of scattered tamarack, 5 acres of alder and 18 acres of well stocked tamarack.
The minimum bid on this parcel is $80,000