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   School Trust Lands > Surplus BCPL Property for Sale > Oneida County Properties for sale

Oneida County Properties for sale

Here are the properties currently for sale in Oneida County:

Click on the parcel # for a map showing the overall parcel location and a close up.

Parcel #1:  S1402 - Parcel ID: NE 880
The SE of the SE of Section 33, Township 38 North, Range 8 East, Town of Newbold, Oneida County, Wisconsin. This 40-acre landlocked parcel is almost all lowland bog or submerged by Frederick Flowage. 
The minimum bid on this parcel is $22,000

Parcel #2:  S1706 - Parcel IDs: ST 186 and PI 276

The SE of the NE of Section 13, Township 37 North, Range 10 East, Stella Township and the SW of the NW of Section 18, Township 37 North, Range 11 East, Piehl Township, both located in Oneida County, Wisconsin. The subject consists of two adjoining tax parcels totaling approximately 100 acres. The property is mostly lowland and is forested with swamp conifers (primarily black spruce and tamarack) and a few small stands of northern hardwoods. The property has over 1,000 feet of lowland frontage on a small unnamed lake. There is no legal access to the property.

The minimum bid on this parcel is $35,000

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