Board of Commissioners of Public Lands

BCPL Mailing Lists

BCPL maintains two mailing lists that you may subscribe to.  Emails are send out very infrequently (less then once a month) usually for loan rate changes.  The first is for school districts which includes: public schools, libraries and technical colleges. The second is for municipalities that includes: counties, cities, villages, towns, drainage, sanitary and sewerage districts.

To Subscribe: Simply click on the name of the mailing list below you are interested in and click Send on the resulting email template: NO subject or content is needed on the subscription email.

To Unsubscribe: Go to the bottom of any message sent to you from which you wish to unsubscribe and click on the "To unsubscribe click here:" link and click YES to confirm. Mailing List:

BCPL School Mailing List 

BCPL Municipality Mail List